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“Whether we consciously acknowledge that we are part of this natural world that we live in or not, we are part of the natural world. We can not live, any of us, without acknowledging that.”

–Rina Swentzell

David F. García

David F. García, MA, is from the traditional agriculture-based community of El Guache, New Mexico. He is currently completing a PhD. Program in Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin. As a researcher investigating local knowledge systems in northern New Mexico and practices, his interests include: acequias, foodways, religion, spirituality, folkloristics, Indo-Hispano drama, dance and music as they relate to sustainability and cultural survival of Indo-Hispano communities. He is specifically interested in how shifts in economic bases relate to transformations in the relationships that people have to the environment and local resources.
He is currently an intern with the Acequia de los Salazares, a political subdivision of the state of New Mexico. In conjunction with Lore of the Land he is currently conducting a community based oral/aural history project known as “Pláticas sobre el uso del acequia y la tierra” (Dialogues concerning the uses of the Acequia and the Land). In addition to the above duties he is also a multi-talented musician and performer of local Spanish music as a solo artist and also a member of the statewide recognized Al Hurricane Band.