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“It is through intuition that we sense our intrinsic and spiritual relationship to the flow of Nature. It is through science that we attempt to understand the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm.”

–Jack Loeffler

Juan Estevan Arellano

EstevanArellano150Juan Estevan Arellano is a journalist, writer, researcher, graduate of New Mexico State University, and a Fellow of the Washington Journalism Center. He is now a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture. He has received an Individual Fellowship from the Ford Foundation, and in 2007 the New Mexico State Legislature recognized him as one of the 15 top Hispanics in New Mexico. He is also involved in setting up the International Acequia Documentation Center, under the auspices of the Lore of the Land.

He is a former director of the Oñate Cultural Center and at present resides in Embudo, NM, with his wife Elena. He has served as mayordomo and commissioner of the Acequia Junta y Ciénaga and is a former Concilio member of the New Mexico Acequia Association. He is an advocate of traditional agriculture and acequias, and is very involved in preserving the genetic diversity of the fruit trees and food traditions that came up the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro from the Middle East, via the Iberian Peninsula and Mexico. He is also a board member of Sustain Taos.