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“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”

–Edward Abbey

Lillian Hill

Lillian Hill_lrLillian Hill, Hopi, lives at Kykotsmovi. She is a student at Northern Arizona University where she is part of the Center for Sustainable Environments, directed by Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan. It was at a CSE lecture program that she heard Jack Loeffler speak of his plans for this project and subsequently expressed her commitment to documenting her community. She is affiliated with the Hopi radio station, KUYI. Her plans are to develop materials she collects into language programs for the schools and for broadcast. She is currently creating curriculum for Hopi children that contains stories, traditional knowledge of plants, animals, clans, and ancient games and music. Archives she creates will be seminal in efforts to retain Hopi oral language, which conveys their deep spiritual and philosophical worldview.