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“Whether we consciously acknowledge that we are part of this natural world that we live in or not, we are part of the natural world. We can not live, any of us, without acknowledging that.”

–Rina Swentzell

Rina Swentzell

Rina Swentzell_lrRina Swentzell , PhD, was born in Santa Clara Pueblo. She earned her B.A. in Education and her M.A. in Architecture from New Mexico Highlands University. She earned her Ph.D. in American Studies in 1982 from the University of New Mexico. Swentzell writes and lectures on the philosophical and cultural basis of the Pueblo world and its educational, artistic, and architectural expressions. Her writing appears in magazines, scholarly journals, and edited collections and she appears in video presentations for television and museums commenting upon Puebloan cultural values. She has been a consultant to a number of museums including Santa Fe’s Institute of American Indian Arts and the Smithsonian, and was a visiting lecturer at both Yale and Oxford in 1996. She has contributed to Lore of the Land as a board member and scholar since 2007.