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“We are losing species; we are losing viable water systems. We are losing forest systems. We are losing grasslands. You know, every natural community has lost so much of its area, we can’t afford to lose any more.”

–Melissa Savage

Tessie Naranjo

TessieNaranjo150Tessie Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo, lives in northern New Mexico. She is a fluent Tewa speaker, a nationally recognized community advocate, and a language and culture teacher in her home Pueblo. An independent consultant, she is the past chair of the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act Committee and active with Keepers of the Treasurers. Working with the Pueblo of Pojoaque, she coordinated a project interviewing 38 elders for archives in the Tribal Library and Archives. Naranjo holds a Masters Degree in Health Education and a Doctoral degree in Sociology.

Tessie works with her sister Dr. Rina Swentzell. Together, they were Katrin H. Lamon Resient Scholars, working on the project “Seven Santa Clara Pueblo Women: Defining a Feminine Worldview.” As an extension of this philosophy, she is interested in exploring several significant concepts that seem to permeate Pueblo life: movement, duality, identity, community, and relationality as keys to understanding the survival of Tewa culture. She has connections with several community museums and cultural centers that are appropriate locations for the archives.