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“Whether we consciously acknowledge that we are part of this natural world that we live in or not, we are part of the natural world. We can not live, any of us, without acknowledging that.”

–Rina Swentzell

April Field Notes

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Spring is officially here! And with the exception of a few straggling chilly days and snowflakes, it feels as though the energy of spring is bursting forth into all of our projects.

Nuestra Musica Concert's "Sold Out" Sign

Cheers to another sold out performance!

First off, thank you to all of you who joined us in Santa Fe for the tenth annual Nuestra Musica concert. It was a smashing success! The program sold out, and all of the acts were splendid. The show opened with a segment of a documentary about the musical group Los Reyes de Albuquerque (which can be viewed in its entirety here), which was followed by a very special performance by Los Hermanos Martínez. The last two songs of their performance, Lorenzo and Roberto Martínez Jr. were joined by their father, the renowned musico, Roberto Sr., who has been on the forefront of traditional Mexican and New Mexican folk music for the last forty years.

Renowned musician and ethnomusicologist, Cipriano Vigil

Renowned musician and ethnomusicologist, Cipriano Vigil.

Other musical acts who played were Frank McCulloch y sus amigos, La Familia Vigil (led by the amazing folk musician and ethnomusicologist, Cipriano Vigil), Los Garrapatas, and Trio Jalapeño, featuring the one and only, spicy hot, Antonia Apodaca on accordion and vocals. It was a wonderful evening filled with traditional Hispanic folk music, stories, and good cheer. Click here to view the complete photo album from the evening’s festivities.

We’ve had lots of happenings this month. Jack went to Petroglyph National Monument to deliver a chautauqua on his late best friend and environmental activist, Edward Abbey, and later in the month delivered his Thinking Like a Watershed lecture at the Farmington Public Library (in NM) in honor of Earth Day. Then Jack and I went to interview the Teec Nos Pos chapter president of the Navajo Nation, our dear friend and colleague, Roy Kady, about the traditional way of life and the modern world, and the frequent challenges of melding the two in beauty. What a great thinker!

Jack Loeffler Interviewing Roy Kady

Jack interviewing the Teec Nos Pos Chapter President of the Navajo Nation, Roy Kady.

In other news, I have been plugging away on the farm. I took a soil sample, ordered seeds (all

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organic, non-GMO, of course!), and have started attending the La Plata County Backyard Food Production course, which will focus on everything from planning a garden, to irrigation and seed saving techniques, and eventually lead up to harvesting and food storage. It has already been extremely engaging and informative, and I can hardly wait to get some seeds in the ground!

Farmer Celestia gearing up to plant some seeds at the new farm.

Farmer Celestia at the farm.

I’ve also been reading voraciously. My two current favorite books are The Backyard Homestead, a tutorial on producing your own food on a quarter acre, edited by Carleen Madigan, and a recently released book by iconoclast, Wendell Berry, entitled Bringing it to the Table, a compilation of essays addressing a staggering generic viagra online array of food and farming issues such agribusiness and it’s role in dismantling the family farm, sustainable agriculture and how (and why) to support it, and a comparison of organic and locally-grown food. These two books offer a great combination of hands-on instruction to grow one’s own food, and cognitive stimulation to better understand the history and importance of the family farm, both of which I hope to employ while addressing food and farming issues for the Thinking Like a Watershed project. If you find yourself at a library or bookstore, I highly recommend taking a gander at both of them.

That’s all for now, but please drop by our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what we’re up to, and please feel free to share any cultural events and/or farming stories and pictures. Happy gardening, and as always, thank you for reading.

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