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“Society is like a stew. If you don’t keep it stirred up, you get a lot of scum on top.”

–Edward Abbey

Let’s Go to a Green Tea Party!

By Jack Loeffler cheapest viagra online

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It’s time for a Green Tea Party to celebrate the incremental increase in environmental awareness that has gradually seeped into American culture over the last forty years or so. It’s also time to look around at what is really happening in this sadly bifurcated culture of ours. The political right is now forwarding the new apothegm: “Environmental laws are unfriendly to business.” What does this really suggest?

To me, this substantiates the obvious—namely that much of “business” as practiced here and far beyond is unfriendly to habitat, our sustaining biotic community. This is not to say that all business is harmful. Indeed it is not. But the business of commodifying and developing three million acres in Maine, for example, in the name of supplying jobs for the working man, himself “an endangered species,” is but a cloud of rhetoric intended to hide the true intent. The intention is to turn that three million acres into money to fill corporate coffers and fund their men (and women) in government to create yet another very false sense of prosperity at vast expense to sustaining habitat. Maine is not alone. Many governing bodies in our country share a similar doctrine, including New Mexico.

A hundred years ago, the human population of our planet was just over one and a half billion. Today, our human population is edging close to seven billion. This is the equivalent of multiplying the population of Los Angeles by 1,750. Billions of fellow humans are now scrambling for the resources to survive. Resources dwindle in direct proportion to increased human population.

In 1972, a group of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a book entitled “The Limits to Growth” wherein they provided models of the effect of rapidly growing human population in a world of finite resources. They have updated their book twice, and many reviewers have taken great umbrage at their depressing assertions. Yet their presentations are honest reflections of their interpretations of the exponential increase of five major factors—population, food production, industrialization, pollution, and consumption of non-renewable resources—and their interactions.

“Extrapolation of present trends is a time-honored way of looking into the future, especially the very near future,

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and especially if the quantity being considered is not much influenced by other trends that are occurring elsewhere in the system. Of course, none of the five factors we are examining here is independent… each interacts constantly with all the others. Population cannot grow without food, food production is increased by growth of capital, more capital requires more resources, discarded resources become pollution, pollution interferes with the growth of both population and food.” (The Limits to Growth p. 97)

Notably, other factors such as pandemic, world war, economic instability, terrorism, global warming, climate instability, and dwindling biodiversity could be, but as yet have not been included in this model. In part, the point of the drill is to perceive all of the factors simultaneously and in constant motion. This requires a sophisticated form of non-linear thinking that may only be possible with the computer for most of us. However, it’s not that hard to memorize the five original factors and then imagine them inter-relating on different levels. Again:

1. population

2. food production

3. industrialization

4. pollution

5. consumption of non-renewable resources

Within their model, exponential increase in any or all of these defined how long we as a species could survive before collapse would ensue. We’ve made strides in certain areas but not others. Over the last forty years, the array of factors has grown in both numbers and complexity to the extent that we now stand on the very edge of catastrophe. Scientists concur that we humans have initiated a spasm of extinction of species the likes of which have occurred but five or six times over the last 540,000,000 years where, on the average, fifty percent of existing species went irrevocably extinct each time. Life continued, but full recovery of biotic diversity required millions of years—with a new regime of species performing in concert after each slow recovery.

Heralding catastrophe is not my cup of tea. I prefer a full cup of good green tea that cleanses my body, fires up my mind, and nurtures my soul. Green tea invigorates


my aging mind to be able to grasp the significance of systemic or holistic thinking. Green tea helps me to conceive of clusters of related data, ideas, notions—and to be able to extrapolate various probabilities relative to the subject at hand; in this case, “Environmental laws are unfriendly to business.”

One big thought that pops into my green tea-ified mind is that those politicians and well-healed lobbyist

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s who perpetrate this meager apothegm are functioning from within a paradigm dominated by modern corporate economics, indeed a major factor in today’s global monoculture. However, this is but one of many factors that now have to be regarded simultaneously and with great clarity if we are to understand their collective relevance. Today’s leaders have to be able to extrapolate from within systems of clearly defined factors of which “business” is but one of many. For a political leader to think solely in the short term and from a single point of view is not only erroneous, it is ultimately tragic in its implications.

Today, there is a strong move afoot to significantly lighten the tax burden of the wealthy upper echelons, and their corporate coffers. Very bad idea. Much of that money accumulated as the result of the modern alchemy of turning commodifed common pool resources into lucre while debilitating habitat. Instead, part of those taxes could be well-spent in ecological restoration by employing the “endangered species” of the working class in healthy labor in consonance with cultural restoration, and even consciously forwarding cultural evolution within a new enlightened system of appropriate coordinates. Instead of continued pillaging of non-renewable resources at an ever-increasing rate, spend some of those regained tax dollars toward deployment of appropriate technology to replace the archaic coal-fired cigar breath reminiscent of the early days of the industrial revolution.

I deeply rue the present political polarities that blindside us to the extraordinary array of factors that require our immediate cultural attention. I believe that we as a culture have not outgrown, but rather rendered more levels of complexity than our current political system can accommodate. Our elected and divided “politco-tariat” locksteps to its respective party’s march rather than redefining itself relative to the ever-evolving antiphony sung by culture in habitat.

I propose a Green Tea Party from within a watershed of common pool resources where we celebrate our common interests within our common habitat, where our understanding of proper governance springs from the grassroots, from the Commons. Our current political system has gone awry, navigated by special interest groups, modern day carpetbaggers who want to make a quick buck with which to fortify themselves against the inevitability of disaster that they themselves have spawned (with a lot of help from the rest of us who have lived in luxury relative to the quality of life that our descendants can anticipate).

We, as a culture, have evolved a system of mores that is now out of sync with the flow of Nature. Natural systems can no longer accommodate our collective proclivity for growth for its own sake. We have little time to realign—indeed maybe time has run out. We must not lose the tiny foothold of environmental regulations that were brilliantly wrought to protect us from ourselves. We must not be bamboozled by slick-talking lobbyists and politicians whose own points of view are simply too limited for wise and intelligent governance. We must not allow continued evisceration of the arts and humanities, from which comes intelligent and intuitive criticism of culture as well as enormous waves of creativity. And we must never, ever allow the fatal luxury of cynicism to over-color the timbre of our cultural perspective. Cynicism is as leprosy of the soul.

Many years ago, my old friend Jon Sanford rendered a poster that advised, “Search for Truth and Honesty in American Politics.” Even today, that serves as a beam of light with which to scour the darkening corners of the body politic. I am a strong advocate of governance grown from within the grassroots rather than from on high. Non-tenured governance based on truth, honesty AND mutual cooperation from the local level is to be aspired to. That serves to defuse special interests funded by shifting, faceless, corporate, power-driven aristocracies.

The only true aristocracy is one of consciousness. And the truly conscious share an egalitarian perspective that includes the complete realm of life as an integrated whole that must be defended against self-serving predators. Life feeds on life but not at the expense of the whole. When legislation violates natural law, question the source of legislation. Predation to extinction is an unnatural act.

Instead, let us sip from a common pot of green tea, and share an infusion that might well lead to clarity in this land of clear light. Put the workforce, the new “endangered species” to work restoring habitat so that other endangered species may continue to proliferate and contribute to the greater biotic community. Do not view environmental laws as unfriendly to business. Rather, create businesses that are environmentally friendly, even restorative. Consider gradually reducing the power of centralized government and entitle localized governance from within the region, the watershed, and the foodshed, thus creating a form of reciprocal governance that is more honestly democratic and less subject to corporate manipulation.

And ponder the heretical notion that in all likelihood, the population of the human species has long since exceeded the carrying capacity of the capitalist system.


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