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“Faith is not about finding meaning in the world, there may be no such thing -- faith is the belief in our capacity to create meaningful lives.”

–Terry Tempest Williams

March Field Notes

Snow and fresh greens of spr
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ing” width=”300″ height=”200″ />Hi Lore of the Land Family. So happy it’s almost spring. We’ve had a plethora of last-minute blizzards, but crocuses and daffodils are pushing up through the soil in spite of the cold weather. The deer are coming out to snack on the fresh greens, and redwing blackbirds and flickers are arriving in droves, ready for some warmer weather! I can hardly disagree.

Stewart Udall

Stewart Udall, a family friend and conservationist, passed away on March 20th. He was 90 years old.

On a sad note, Stewart Udall, a longtime family friend and tireless environmental conservationist, passed away on March 20th of natural causes. He was 90 years old. If you’d like to know more

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about his life, here is an article from the N.Y.Times.

In more positive news, we’re still plugging away on our book and radio project. I conducted two more interviews to round out the foodshed portion of the Thinking As a Watershed project. The first was with a rancher named Dave James, who, along with his wife, Kay, runs the beef contingent of James Ranch. The ranch is comprised of several autonomous businesses run by various family members; they ranch grass-finished cattle for beef, dairy cows for cheese, pigs for pork, chickens for eggs, blue spruce and other saplings, and a substantial organic garden. Together they support a sustainable family-owned and operated business network, about which I asked the patriarch to elaborate.

Rancher Dave James

Dave James has been ranching in the Animas Valley for almost 50 years.

I also

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conducted a very special interview with a blogging, farming, mother named Sara Buscaglia. She writes a blog called Farmama, which highlights the daily happenings on the farm that she shares with her husband and four children. We talked about producing one’s own food, the abuse of genetically modified seeds, and what it’s like to live on a farm. I even got to meet their goats, chickens and bees (though the bees were still mostly hanging out in their hive due to chilly weather).

Jack has been conducting interviews throughout New Mexico including one with Scott Momaday wherein they discussed the relationship of indigenous culture to homeland. Jack has also been busy delivering lectures around the state about Thinking As a Watershed. Check out our events calendar to see a list of our upcoming events.

Sara Buscaglia

Sara Buscaglia lives on a farm with her husband, four children, goats, chickens, bees, and lots of organic fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorites, which will happen on April 17th in Santa Fe, is the Nuestra Musica Hispanic folk music concert. This year we are celebrating the “viejitos” of musical genre for the 10-year anniversary of the event. La Familia Vigil and the Trio Jalapeño will perform, along with three other talented acts. It is one of the most beloved community events that New Mexico has to offer, so come on by! You can purchase tickets by visiting the Lensic Performing Arts Center website or box office. Hope to see you there!

Last but not least, I have been working on Lore of the Land’s social media. You can now follow us on Twitter and Facebook. I’m really enjoying the social interaction that these sites provide, and am learning to tailor the content to our readers. If you have any ideas, issues you’d like me to address, or interesting posts you’d like me to share, please email me.

Hope spring finds you in good health, and as always, thank you for reading.

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